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Third Eye

Third Eye: An artist that is color blind, he has claimed that he can listen the words speaking. The renowned surgeon has fitted an Antenna in his head that he named as third eye. That antenna helps in guiding him and he can hear that the words are speaking. 

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  • What Is Third Eye?
  • Third Eye

    What Is Third Eye?

    31 years old Neil Harbisson has been wearing an eye that is like a camera through which he can change the frequency of the color and has changes in the sound. Harbisson that resides in London, he is color blind by birth and he can see only white and black colors and cannot see other colors. He has asked his surgeon to fit the chip in his mind so that he can see other colors that currently he is not. Chip has certain kind of connector and with the help of the mobile phone he can understand the picture even he has not seen that. The other part of the third eye that can detect the voice of vibrations through the camera, initially it is outside the brain but now it has been fitted inside the brain through which he can now able to recognize different colors.The purpose of Bluetooth in the chip is that the Harbisson is the only person in the world that can see the colors that does not exist in the real world. For fitting Bluetooth chip in his brain he has to go through many surgeries and he can now utilize his new skill. Herbisson now can recognize the colors, not only him but other can also get to know about that through the help of mobile phone. This means that trough this chip he can be aware of the brain of others as well. But this is only fitted in his brain throughout the world.

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