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How To Stand Properly

How To Stand Properly: Stand with droop shoulders and neck is not only degrade your personality but also make cause for your breath or backbone issues.Stand straightBack your shouldersUp your headStraight your chinCombine your feet

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  • Briefly Describe Of How To Stand Properly
  • How To Stand Properly

    Briefly Describe Of How To Stand Properly

    This is a proper way to stand with personality. You have need for training to stand like this. That training which provides to ARMY. This is the reason that they stand confidently, walk confidently and always being active.You looked at bus stops or in crowd to much droopy backbone people. Some feet are inward or some are with outwards.They dont have that sense that our personality is depends on our standing way.Different types of body activities like, droop, turn, pick heavy weight, force on our body.We have all been told since childhood to stand up straight. But its easy to get into bad habits. Good body mechanics are based on good posture. Good posture means the spine is in a neutral position - not too rounded forward and not arched back too far. When procumbent person sit, many of his/her joints or bones effects.When people learn about how to stand proper he/she can easily stand properly always and do not face any problem.According to survey, worlds 75% people do not stand properly or do not sit properly and slowly this wronged habit effect on their both Joints or bones specially can effect in this habit like less or longer joints or bones.May be it causes for headache or back pain.Keep in mind that even sitting in the correct position for long periods of time will eventually become uncomfortable. Dont forget to take breaks, get up, move around and stretch! This will reduce the stress on your spine and help prevent muscle fatigue and stiffness.If we keep down our head and neck than we also cannot make straight our shoulders this habit also create bad effect on our health or oxygen.First of all you have to care that are you right or not in standing. You can see your style in front of mirror. Straight your back or neck and up your face, upward your chin and outward your chest. Do not walk droopy, but walk with straight body.Exercise for your bodyDO hands upDroop yourself and try to touch feet fingers. (do this 12 times)Stand up. Put your hands on hips, now move droop your knee 6times.Lie on floor, up your legs in 90 degree centigrade, spread your shoulders.At last lie on floor straight your body and leave it loose and take deep breath for 3 minutes.After that you feel lightly by yourself.

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