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How To Save Leftover Food Safely

Saving Leftover Foods: Do you know we waste approximately 30 to 40 % of food daily into our dustbins and they become part of garbage although that food is in pretty edible condition. 
Today world’s economy is getting in to decline, there are diminished food resources and cultivation of food due to lack of fertile land and water and huge urbanization. 
In this scenario, it is a very stupid and in fact a big mistake to discard the food without using it. Many people are deprived of good quality food in poor and underdeveloped areas of world and according to WHO statistics, quality and expectancy of life is decreasing day by day due to lack of enough quality food. 
It is our responsibility to make measures to decrease the amount of left over food and everyone should know the methods to preserve and recycle it instead of wasting this gift of nature. Here are few methods to save leftover food.

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  • How To Store Foods For Long Time
  • How To Save Leftover Food Safely In Urdu
  • How To Use Leftover Food Safely

    How To Store Foods For Long Time

    Stored In Shallow Containers
    * Refrigerate the food within two hours of cooking and within one hour in hot climate in freezer. Food should be stored in shallow containers with airtight coverings. Leave enough air space between the containers for their proper cooling. 
    Clean Hands
    * Handle the food before storage with clean hands and utensils should also be cleaned and without any breaks. 
    Avoid Wasting Of Food
    * Use refrigerated leftover food within four days of storage. Food stored for longer time can cause food poisoning so saved food should be used with in this period and don’t prepare extra meal during this period to avoid wasting of stored food.
    Bread Cramps
    * Extra bread pieces can be used to prepare bread cramps and stored in plastic bags or airtight jars to use in some dishes.
    Leftover Rice
    * Leftover rice can be stored in the same manner and cooked again with fresh vegetables and butter to prepare delicious fried rice.
    Soaked In Water
    * Leftover pieces of hard loaf can be soaked in water to make it soft and used in dishes to make gravy. 
    Pieces Of Meat
    * Leftover pieces of meat can be crushed into pieces and dipped in mixture of salt and vinegar, after that they can be refrigerated and used afterwards.
    Fruits And Vegetables
    * Leftover fruits and vegetables can be used to make sauces, jams and pickles, in this way they can be used for long time without being spoiled.

    How To Save Leftover Food Safely In Urdu

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