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New Born Baby Deit

New Born Baby Diet - Breast Feeding: It’s almost the problem in Pakistan or all over the world that what can we give to our new born baby, so first of all whatever you give them I want to tell you that never lie them on bed because of this food or milk can stuck inside, and can cause of ammonia.

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  • New Born Baby Diet - Breast Feeding And Exercise
  • New Born Baby Diet - Breast Feeding

    New Born Baby Diet - Breast Feeding And Exercise

    Many children have different style to feed, some feeds slowly some fast and some plays.In starting its common that may children weight can too light. But if they are not gaining weight and always have constipation that it is meaning that a child does not gain their proper feed.After exercise the sweetness in mother milk becomes low and due to this bitterness child do not like to drink this milk. So do not feed a child immediate of exercise.Children like to feed the milk of mother who eats garlic. In mother milk the taste or effect of garlic appears after 2 hours of eating that. Even children like to smell garlic.During breast feeding it can happen that after filling of milk too much in breast it will give you pain, it is mostly happens in starting. Like when child starts to feed or if not to feed child continuously by breast.The treatment of this issue is that you have to feed your child Again And Again; even if he/she is sleeping you have to awake them for feeding.It is better to fed your child by your milk because it is fresh pure and best for their diet.And it is also easy to feed your child because you can feed them while you are in deep sleep because you do not have to go outside for bottle and milk.Even just mother milk can be given in the time of motion.Mother can safe herself by drugs or something else while we don’t know about what cow or buffaloes eats during milk time. So there is no milk can be found in the world which is better than mother milk.You can say that when child come and ask her mother to feed him/her by themselves, it means it is a time to skip mother milk.Mother milk is according to the need of child. Mother should have to give her milk from starting to till 6 months.But it is necessary for mother to take fresh and healthy food for their child.Mother also should drink different juices for her healthIt is necessary to take at least 3 liters of juice regularly.

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    New Born Baby Deit

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