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Kidney Diseases Symptoms And Stages

Kidney Diseases Symptoms And Stages: Why kidney disease spreading?The reason of kidney disease spreading now a days due to diabeties, blood pressure,infection,or stones in body.Kidney challenges are not just for those with diabetes, as the ailment previously carried that stigma for decades. In 2016, there are children with kidney disease on the rise, and thousands of new patients being diagnosed each and every single day.

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  • Kidney Diseases Symptoms And Stages
  • Signs Which Tells Us About Kidney Diseases
  • Treatment Of Kidney Issues
  • Can you reverse damage to kidneys?
  • Kidney Diseases Symptoms And Causes

    Kidney Diseases Symptoms And Stages

    Its an unfortunate fact that many people suffering from chronic kidney issues just dont know it; thats because early symptoms are more subtle than most, only truly manifesting when disease has progressed. While it’s important to note some common symptoms and signs of kidney issues, it’s equally important to remember that only your doctor can correctly diagnose any kidney problems.Most kidney complications cannot be cured, but they certainly can be treated.The vast majority of cases require medical testing such as lab work  to be accurately diagnosed. Dietary adjustments can often greatly improve symptoms, and staying in close contact with your physician.Here is also a one reson of this issue is that in our country here is no facility for clean  and pure water we drinks dirty water daily because we cant leave it to drink and it damageing us from inside.

    Signs Which Tells Us About Kidney Diseases

    1:URINE CHANGE    The kidneys are responsible for handling urine, so it makes sense that urine will start to change if the kidneys are failing. Some examples of urination changes include:Urine comes out bubbly or foamy. Urine may have traces of blood you may have the overwhelming urge to urinate during the night, waking up. Urination occurs more often and appears pale. Urination occurs less often and appears dark. You may have difficulty attempting to urinate.2. SWELLINGBecause of the way the kidneys interact with the body and handle the process of urination, they also are largely responsible for removing the extra fluid within your body. Kidneys that are starting to fail wont get rid of that fluid as well as they should. As a result, it stays inside the body and while its in the body, it has to go somewhere; the fluid starts filling in pocketed areas. You may experience swelling in one or both ankles, the legs, the face, hands, as well as feet. While the swelling can be mild, it can also swell to difficult stages; for instance, it might be hard to wear a regular shoe.3. NauseaHealthy kidneys also take on the role of the body personal trash process; that is, they are responsible for getting rid of waste in the body. In the event of kidney problems or failure, waste wont exit the body as efficiently as before, causing a buildup of excess waste in the bloodstream. This is known as uremia, and it can cause feelings of nausea or make you need to vomit. It should go without saying that your body doesnt like being filled with waste, and it attempts to purge the waste by way of vomiting.4.Bad Taste in MouthWhen kidneys begin to fail and cause uremia, or a buildup of waste in the body, the body may react by producing the taste of metal in your mouth or causing bad breath. Overall, you might taste a rather poor flavor in your mouth that causes you not to taste food in the same way as you did before. In particular, this may make you less interested in eating meats.

    Treatment Of Kidney Issues

    •    Control your blood sugar if you have diabetes.•    Keep a healthy blood pressure.•    Follow a low-salt, low-fat diet.•    Exercise at least 30 minutes on most days of the week.•    Keep a healthy weight.•    Do not smoke or use tobacco.•    Limit alcohol.•    Have regular checkups with their doctor and include a serum creatinine test to measure GFR.•    Take medicines as prescribed by their doctor.•    Boil your water before drink.

    Can you reverse damage to kidneys?

    If one or both kidneys fail completely and the damage cant be reversed, the condition is called kidney failure or end-stage renal disease (ESRD). When this occurs, your kidneys can no longer filter wastes well enough to keep you healthy. The symptoms for ESRD include fatigue, weakness, and nausea, vomiting, and itching.I suggest you to take care of yourself before disease because it is better to control before instead to face disease. Because before you can control  it without any expenses or trouble but after disease you have to fight with this disease and its unwanted pain with alot of expenses.STAY HEALTHY AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR SELF

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