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Kidney Treatment in English

Treatment of kidney disease depends upon the cause, kidney diseases are classified into acute or chronic, acute diseases are of shorter duration and usually are not that dangerous. 
They temporarily affect kidney functions and then resolve by adequate treatment and safety measures, examples of acute kidney disorders are kidney stones, some inflammations, injury from side effect of drugs like pain killers and antibiotics, toxins and Poisons, pressure on kidneys from adjoining organs like some tumors, enlarged organs or surrounding inflammations. 
Chronic diseases are more dangerous and result in reversible or irreversible damage to kidneys; these are hydronephrosis or collection of fluid in kidney, chronic inflammations, high blood pressure and diabetes resulting in kidney damage, some autoimmune disorders, tumors and cancers. Mild cases of kidney disorders respond to plenty of fluid intake, decreasing exposure to toxic substances, and stopping drugs which are causing side effects, other treatments are surgery to remove kidney stones, some drugs can increase urine flow and spontaneously can expel stones, anti inflammatory drugs reduces inflammation. 
Chronic diseases are usually asymptomatic in initial stages and abruptly cause renal or kidney failure, screening and preventive measures are necessary in these cases like control of blood pressure, and blood sugar ;levels, fluid, protein and calcium restriction, anti inflammatory drugs are used in majority of cases, steroids are used in chronic resistant disorders and in autoimmune disorders, if kidney stops functioning resulting in complete cessation of urine flow, final option is dialysis and kidney transplantation. 
Dialysis is a procedure in which kidney function is performed by an artificial machine which removes toxic blood and fluid from body (which is normally done by kidneys) and replaces it by fresh donor blood. If transplantation is not done patient has to remain on dialysis for whole life.
Kidney stones are deposits of calcium, oxalic acid, citric acid, uric acid and other ions in kidney, ureters and urethra, ureters are tubes which carry urine from kidney to bladder, bladder is an organ which stores urine until its is excreted by urethra to outside, stones can interrupt or stop urine flow, if not treated they can lead to infection and destruction of kidneys and its parts. 
Symptoms of kidney stones are pain full urination, urinary frequency and hesitation, fever, nausea, vomiting, pain on sides of waist, back, or in groins. Urine may pass blood or pus, urine becomes dark in color, there is general malaise and fatigue also, urinary stones are diagnosed by urinalysis or examination of urine which shows calcium, oxalic or uric acid crystals, bacteria or pus cells if infection is present, increased PH of urine, increased amount of proteins, but this is non specific exact diagnosis is made by x rays and ultrasound. Urine stones are treated by both dietary modifications and drugs which increase urine flow and excrete stone by pressure; diets which should not be used are those rich in calcium and uric acid like tomatoes, spinach, calcium supplements and red meat. If stones are large these are treated by lithotripsy and surgery. Lithotripsy is a method in which high energy rays and lasers are used to break stones which are then excreted by urine.

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  • Gurdon Ka Ilaj In Roman Urdu
  • Gurdon Ki Takleef
  • Gurdon Ka Ilaj Ka Tareeqa
  • Gurdon Ki Pathri Treatment In Urdu
  • Kidney Treatment In Urdu

    Gurdon Ka Ilaj In Roman Urdu

    Gurdon Main Pathri Bane Ka Khatra Garmiyo Main Barh Jata Hai.
    Mahireen ka khena hai kay mosame garma mein pathri banay ka khatra gurmiyo mein barh jata hai. 
    Yun tou gurdo mein pathri ban’nay kay bohat se asbab hosakte hai. Aur wo kisi bhi shaks ko saal kay kisi bhi hisay mein mutasir karsakte hai.

    Gurdon Ki Takleef

    Lekin garmiyo mein gurdon ki takleef ka paida hna bohat amm hai. American Foundation for Urologic Disease (AFUD) kay mutabiq uski waja ye batai jati hai kay garm mosam kay natijay mein pasina bohat ata hai.

    Gurdon Ka Ilaj Ka Tareeqa

    Iss ka ilaj yeh hai keh aise mein agar munasib miqdar mein pani na piya jaye tou jism mein pani ki kami waqai hojati hai. Uski waja se paishab mein degar ashiya ka tanasub barh jata hai.
    Ye ashiya qalam paziri (crystallization) kay amal kay zariye pathri mein tabdeel ho kar gurday, ain jama hojati hai.
    Amraz gudray kay Foundation for Urologic Disease (AFUD) kay mutabiq jo log ghar se bahar kam karte hai wo garam mosam mein bhi pani ya mashrobat munasib miqdar mein nahi pitay hai.
    Woh apne liye gurdo mein pathri banay kay khatre ko barha laite hai. Agaar pani ya mashrobat kafi miqdar mein piye jaye tou gurdo mein pathri banay kay amal se bachao mumkin hojata hai.
    Canada ki Kidney Foundation ka mashwara hai kay din mein har ghantay ek glass pani piya jaye or raat mein bhi jab neend totay tou pani piya jaye. 
    Iss bat ko bhi yaqeni banay kay khane or warzish kay bad bhi pani kafi miqdar mein piya jaye.

    Gurdon Ki Pathri Treatment In Urdu

    Beshak jism mein pani ki kami gurdo mein pathri banay ka wahid sabab hoti hai. Degar asbab ye hai:
    1. Pishab ki nali mein rukawat ya infection,kai hafto tak ya isay bhi ziyada ho tuo bister par aram karna chahaye.
    2. Chalnay phirne se parhez karna chahaye.
    3. Ghiza mein calcium oxalate, uric acid ya vitamins C or D ki bohtat,baz maksos dawao ka istemal karna chahaye.
    4. Kuch metabolic noiyat kay amraz.
    5. Gurday mein banay wali pathri apne ajzaye tarkibi kay aitbar se kai tarha ki hoti hai or unse bachao ki tarkebay bhi mukhtalef hoti hai.
    6. Canada ki kidney fondation kay mutabik gurdon ki takleef bachao ki ye tarkebe hosakti hai.
    7. Agar ap kay gurdo mein banay wali pathri calcium oxalate se bani hai tou doodh, makhan or un se bani ashiya ka istemal kam kardain
    8. Woh ghizae bhi na lain jin mein calcium oxalate ziyada miqdar mein mojud hota hai: maslan, chae or chocolate.
    9. Vitamins C bhi ziyada miqdar mein yani 4 gram ya isay ziyada rozana na lai.
    10. Manay tezabiyat dawae bhi kam lai.
    11. Iss kay elawa surkh gosht kam se kam mikdar mein laina chaiye.

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