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How To Cure Flu

How To Cure FluIn winter season it is usual that we face flue because of the cold wind. In this season people face some allergies because of the change of the season.

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  • How To Cure Winter Flu
  • How To Cure Flu

    How To Cure Winter Flu

    Apple Cider Vinegar For Cure FluIt is that drink that is very beneficial and help us in treating various diseases like flu and it also has tendency to eliminate that allergy producing substances that includes dirt, pollen etc. Allergy is the cause of flu so to treat that allergy one should drink apple cider vinegar. The way to have it is add a spoon of apple cider vinegar in warm glass of water. It should be taken twice a day.Honey For Cure FluHoney is recommended to treat various diseases because it increases the antibodies in the body that defend us from antigens. We all are advised from our elders to take honey in milk that is also very beneficial for flu. So it should make a habit to include honey in your diet. God has blessed us with many good things so instead of eating unhealthy food, have these to be fit and strong.Salt Water For Cure FluIn flu nose get clogged and one wants to get away from this situation as soon as possible so one can unclog his nose from salt water. With flu one faces sore throat problem as well so he should gargle with salt water. But one should keep this in mind to take medication as well because for complete treatment one should follow both the pathways. Turmeric For Cure FluWe all use turmeric in our daily food for giving color to the food. It also minimizes the effects of flue. It is helpful in treatment of sore throat also. We should drink turmeric milk before going to the bed because it heals the wear and tear of the body.Ailments are given by God but our God has also told us the solution to fight with these diseases so instead of mourning on the situation just cure the disease with these products of nature

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