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Hemorrhoids are inflamed or swollen vascular structures that develop around or inside the anal canal. Its main cause is still known but risk factors that may induce this disease are long term constipation, pregnancy, prolonged sitting habit or a kind of job that requires long duration sitting, low fibers diet intake,absence of exercise or  walk, old age, chronic cough, obesity,habit of closing the anus during passing the stool and lower part of abdomen has some defect. What actually these risk factors do is to increase the abdominal pressure that produces the strain over vascular structures around or inside the anus due to which vessels become swollen and painful.

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  • Hemorrhoids
  • Hemorrhoids

    Hemorrhoids disease is not a medical emergency condition and it is very rare that this disease may produce anaemia due to bleeding. Hemorrhoids are of two types internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids. Both type of hemorrhoids have different sign and symptoms and it may possible that a patient has both symptoms or types of hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids are present inside the anus or anal opening, mostly they are painless until and unless it become necrotic or thrombosed. Sharp blood red coloured anal bleeding occur that is quite painless during stool passing, itching sensations around the anus, defecation incontinence and mucus discharge are the symptoms of internal hemorrhoids. Some times in advanced condition due to continence burden on rectum a mass is also prolapse during defecation through anal opening to outside that may be coated with blood or not. External hemorrhoids are swollen masses of blood vessels with surrondi.ng skin covering located outside of anus or anal opening. External Hemorrhoids are very painful along with irritation of anus and it is surrounding area. Confirmation of the condition is usually done by physical examination and patient chief complaint. External hemorrhoids are diagnosed off course visually by physical examination. Internal hemorrhoids are diagnosed by instrument called anoscopy which is a hollow tube inserted in rectum. Treatment include is first ask the patient to take complete rest, increase fiber containing fruits and vegetables in diet, do exercise, drink plenty of water, for 10 to 15 minutes sit in warm and pyodine containing water and take painkillers.These simple steps are quite helpful in overcoming this condition. Some doctors also prescribe locally applying creams that contain anesthic agent to relieve the pain and steroids. Surgery can also be perform in severe cases that include many type of procedures which are very successful and have a good prognosis rate.

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