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Healthy Life Cannot Be Gained In One Day

Healthy Life Cannot Be Gained In One Day: We can light up the room immediately by switching on the button but we cannot be healthy in one day. So people who want immediate result get depressed if they do not get it. By eating healthy food no one can be healthy in one day, it is as similar to it that we cannot become overweight by just eating unhealthy food for one day. For immediate results no matter how many vitamin tablets you take but you will still fail. For becoming healthy there is a proper procedure for it that to change the life style from unhealthy to healthier side and one can become healthy just by keeping him away from different diseases or infections.

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  • Health Is The Greatest Gift, Contentment The Greatest Wealth, Faithfulness The Best Relationship
  • Healthy Life Cannot Be Gained In One Day

    Health Is The Greatest Gift, Contentment The Greatest Wealth, Faithfulness The Best Relationship

    Dr. Azra of Agha Khan Hospital has said that we can be healthy by changing our lifestyle in starting period of our mission to be healthy. For being healthy we have to go through 3 main phases that are firstly, to include fruits, vegetables, protein, milk , sugar in appropriate amount. Other than this, it is advised to give attention towards the calcium and take minerals in good amount. Furthermore, keep check and balance of how much you are consuming salt and sugar and to include that fats that do not stick in the walls of different organs. Second phase to get healthy is to exercise daily.Exercise does not only give strength to the muscles but also increases self-control. You can see change in yourself by doing yoga, exercise, or through cycling and it also make us relaxed. “Become slower in your journey through life. Practice yoga and meditation if you suffer from hurry sickness. Become more introspective by visiting quiet places such as churches, museums, mountains and lakes. Give yourself permission to read at least one novel a month for pleasure.”When at some point of our lives we become slower in achieving our goal and need something that can boost us so yoga and meditation is the way to go. If you need peace of mind then does visit churches or the place that give you tranquility but some people find peace by reading novels or books. So does that give you peace. The third phase to change the whole lifestyle to become healthy. Like avoid using lift instead use stairs to maintain the body shape.

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