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Hair loss Treatment - Ganj Pan Ka Ilaj

Hair Loss: Here you will find hair loss treatment (Ganj Pan Ka Ilaj) in Roman Urdu. Hair loss is extremely common problem and cause of anxiety and depression in young people. Normally due to aging process; hairs become thin and less course with time this is more common in males. 
Males have specific pattern of hair loss usually from forehead and sides of scalp or in the center of head in round patch, this is due to hormonal imbalance called androgen alopecia, androgens are male sex hormones and their excessive secretion due to any cause can induce hair loss both in men and women because minor quantity if this hormone is also secreted in females. 

Other causes of hair loss are genetics, nutritional deficiencies, autoimmune disorders or infections. Among nutrients, iron, copper, zinc and proteins are very important for growth of hairs, hairs are made up of protein called keratin, and iron, copper and zinc are minerals which act as co enzymes in various metabolic reactions which are necessary for production and renewal of hair cells and for supply of oxygen and micronutrients to hair follicles or hair beds. 
Some autoimmune disorders cause hair loss by producing antibodies which cause reaction against hair cells and destroy them, this type of hair loss occur as patchy loss of hairs.
Fungal infections are also major cause of hair loss, fungi produce scaly lesions and dandruff on head with itching, people scratch scalp skin due to itching and this leads to hair root damage, lice infestation can indirectly result in hair loss due to itching and because parasite acquires nutrition from host hairs and diminishes nutrient supply to hairs. There is combination of factors like stress, lack of exercise, improper nutrition and lack of hair hygiene which contribute to hair loss.
Diagnosing hair loss cause is solely dependant on history ad physical examination, there are no specific tools for diagnosis, hair loss is treated by counseling, nutrition supplements, and eradication of infection if any by medicated shampoos and topical creams, hair hygiene should be maintained by daily shampooing, combing and drying hairs because moisture can cause problems. In modern medicine there is option of hair transplant, which is safe and effective. Due to discovery of transplant surgery hair loss is longer a problem now a day.

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  • Alopecia Areata Home Treatment
  • Hair loss - Ganj Pan Ka Ilaaj Mehndi Se In Urdu
  • Hair Loss Treatment In Urdu - Ganj Pan Ka Ilaj

    Alopecia Areata Home Treatment

    Alopecia areata is type of hair loss in which hairs are lost from scalp in spots or patches; these patches may be round or oval in shape or small or larger in size, hair loss is also seen in other areas of body like eye brows, beard, armpits and genitals. 
    Cause of this disease is unknown but hereditary factors and autoimmunity plays a role, patients have family history of autoimmune disorders in close relatives. Alopecia areata starts as small patches of hair loss, hair are completely lost from the involved surface, skin of scalp is normal looking sometimes it gets mildly painful and itchy, and hairs also disappear from eyebrows and face. 
    Diagnosis of alpocea areata is made on history and examination. Typical pattern of hair loss is diagnostic, this patchy hair loss is also seen in fungal infection but there are associated itching and other skin findings like scaly skin is seen in fungal infections. If hair loss is limited to small areas and not of longer duration wait and watch approach can be adopted because often hair growth come again after some time. In resistant and chronic cases; treatment of alopecia areata is difficult but topical steroids or local immunosuppressive and cytotoxic drugs can be effective to some extent. 

    Hair loss - Ganj Pan Ka Ilaaj Mehndi Se In Urdu

    Baal Ka Girna In Urdu 

    Yeh balon kay masail, ganj pan, jaisay balon ka girna, sfaid hona aur ganj pan ka tadaruk karti hai. chotay motay ya maqami gang pan ka in khas qisam ki product say kamiyabi say ilaj kiya jata raha hai. Mukamal conditioning aur bharna kay liye mehndi ka powder is andaz say mix kiya jana chahiye. Mehndi suitable sponfull, dahi 200 gram anday 2 adad aur aik adad lemon ka araq. Chai kay 2 chamchay kafee milaee ja sakti hai laikin yeh ikhtiyari hai.
    Isy aik lap ki surt mein mix karlain aur sar mein har jagha barabar say lagalain. Mehndi sar mein laganay ka sab say asan tariqa yeh hai kay sar ko kanghay say mukhtalif hisson mein taqsim karliya jai aur phir mehndi har hissay mein lagadi jai jab mehadi lagao to is terha lagao kay yeh yaqin hojai kay woh har taraf lag gaee hai aur jaron tak mein pohonch gaee hai. Mehndi ko dhokar churana bhi asan hota hai. kam az kam asay adhay ghantay tak laga rehnay dain. Mehndi ka haftay mein ik ya mahany mein ik dafa lagnay se ganj pan khutum hojata hai. Ganj pan kao khutum karanay ka asan tareeqa yehe hai.

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