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Types Of Eyes Disease

Types Of Eye Diseases: Here you will read about two types of eye disease treatment in Roman Urdu.
Phlyctenular Conjunctivitis: Phlyctenular conjunctivitis is an allergic response of corneal and conjunctival epithelium due to some allergens to which the patient is allergen. It is usually characterised by nodule that become necrotic. It is one of the symptom of tuberculosis. Usually it is occur in weak and malnourished children.
Gonorrheal Ophthalmia: Gonorrheal opthalmic also called opthalmia neonatorum is a type of conjunctivitis that occur in new borns after delivery when they passed through birth canal infected by nesseria gonnarhea or by chlamydia trachomatis. It should be treated urgently after birth other wise it cause blindness. Treatment can be done by eye ointment can tainting 0.5% erythromycin is very effective.

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  • Diseases Of Eyes In Urdu
  • Phlyctenular Conjunctivitis In Urdu
  • Gonorrheal Ophthalmia In Urdu
  • Types Of Eye Diseases

    Diseases Of Eyes In Urdu

    Ankhon ki bemari ke bohat se masyal dekhay jatay hai. Yahan apko ankhon ke mutaliq chand mulomaat mile gi. Ankhoon ki bmari ki do iqsaam hain.

    1. Phlyctenular Conjunctivitis 

    Bachon Ki Aankhen Aana Ka ilaj

    2. Gonorrheal Ophthalmia
    Ankhon Mein Pani Aana 

    Phlyctenular Conjunctivitis In Urdu

    Bachon Ki Aankhen Aana Ka ilaj 
    Causes: Phlyctenular conjunctivitis aankh khol kar dekha jaye to qareena or albia kay itsal par ablaya phunsi dikhai deti hai or is kay barabar tikon numa surkhi hoti hai. Yeh marz aam tor par naheef or kamzor bachon main hota hai. Aksar Tuberclusos ki ek alamat hoti hai. Marz jaraseem kay zeher say his Sensitive ped ahonay say waqay hota hai. 
    Treatment - Ilaj: Bunyadi marz ki tashkhees or ilaj kay ilawa aankhon main prednisolone ya hydrocortisone kay qatron eye drops ka istamal mufeed sabit hota hai. 

    Gonorrheal Ophthalmia In Urdu

    Ankhon Mein Pani Aana 
    Causes: Gonorrheal ophthalmia or ramad molodi ophthalmia neonatorum main swrak aankhon mein pani aana shuru hojata hain. Iss main lag kar shaded sozish hojati hai or do roz main reem peda hojati hai. Or pedaish kay baad panch roz kay andar is ki alamat zahir hojati hain jab man suzak main mubtala ho to bacha peda honay kay baad is kay papoton ko ulta kar 5 green f ions rama slonitrate solution lagana bator hifz mataqda kamyab ilaj hai lekin ab is ki jaga sulphasetamide tees fisad mehlul istamal honay laga hai. Ehtiatan har noraida bachay ki aankh main yeh qatray dalnay chaheye.
    Treatment - Ilaj: Aisi halat main sulphadayazeen khilana ya peni seline injection ka istemal shandar nataij peda kartay hain tafseel kay leye dekho ilm al-awia (doctor se) ramad molodi bachay ki donon aankhon main hota hai. Iss tarah bachan ki aankhon se paani ni aye ga.

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