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Ebola Virus –A Serious Threat

Ebola Virus Causes And Symptoms: In the two countries named Congo and Sudan and of middle Africa there was a viral in 1976. As in this disease the clotting process of the patient has been stopped that is why this is named as EBOLA Hemorrhagic Fever but now it is changed as Ebola Virus Disease. The world Ebola in the disease is due to the flow of river in Congo that is Ebola and this disease has been seen in the areas near this Ebola River.

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  • Ebola Virus Causes And Symptoms
  • Ebola Virus Causes And Symptoms

    Ebola Virus Causes And Symptoms

    This disease is caught by savage animal like bats and monkeys. This virus found on various components of the body like blood, flesh etc. This virus is dangerous because it is contagious and if a person has infected with this virus can transfer it to others. Symptoms of Ebola virus includes high grade fever, head ache, nausea and throat ache. When this disease gets worst then there is internal bleeding that occurs in vomiting etc. So patients undergoing with this virus are less likely to survive. In 2014 the case of EVD comes on a display, and till March there was increase in its number so then Health department took notice of this EVD disease. According to World Health Organization it is noted that there are 9000 people suffered from it and 5000 were died because of this disease. This viral disease can be shifted from one person to another and even this disease can even continue to transfer when the person is no more the victim of this disease. So patient has to be careful even after the patient is free from the virus. It is heard that this life threatening virus has come in Pakistan also. May Allah keep us away from this disease? ( Ameen).

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