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Do Not Hide Your Ailment From Physician

Read article do not hide your ailment from physcian. Being humans we all face health issues and sometime that problem becomes the reason for shame or it creates another issue that is difficult to solve for instance bad breathe , body odor etc. These certain health problems are not life threatening but it effect badly on the personality. These ailments can be treated and we can even control them by taking certain measures but usually it is seen that people do not like to share their issues because they hesitates that doctors will scold them and they bear that pain instead just sharing it with their physicians.

Table of Content
  • Bad Breath
  • Sweaty Foot
  • Urination Issues
  • Do Not Hide Your Ailment From Physician

    Bad Breath

    It is seen that people who has depression or have to deal with different task at the same time they face the bad breath problem. Other than this the cause for bad breath is infection of throat and mouth. It is usually because of the cavities in teeth and it has seen that people who do smoking can face bad breath. According to the research in Canada the biggest reason for bad breath is the presence of bacteria in the mouth. These bacteria act on the sugar and make acid and that in turn give bad breath. A lady named Julia consult her dentist for the solution of her issue that is bad breath so her dentist said that gums and teeth have bacteria and she was advised to keep tooth brush and toothpaste in her bag. So whatever she eats she brush it . The dentist also asked her to not eat oily food and spicy food but eat healthy food and drink plenty of water, this can treat this issue.

    Sweaty Foot

    You will be surprised by knowing that your foot has pores through which it sweats and this sweating depends upon the amount of work we perform. Luckily this condition can be treated. First way is to wash the foot regularly and soak it and try to wear the shoes that soak the sweat instead making foot sweaty and we can even add powder that prevents sweaty foot. Second way is to dip your foot in vinegar so that would help further in keeping the foot dry. Remember that the ejection of sweat is healthy for our body because it maintains the temperature of the body but again sweating a lot can be dangerous as it can dehydrate the body.

    Urination Issues

    There are certain urine related issues that surely we all face. Some people have a problem that they urinate when they do not have urge for it, for instance some people urinate while laughing or coughing. Its rate is higher in females than males. They face this issue during their pregnancy period. Cause of this issue can be damage in urinary tract, any issue in urinary bladder that is by birth. So in this condition patient should go to urologist for the proper treatment. If anyone is facing certain health related problems that can be solved within just visiting their physicians so we should not do any late and consult doctor first.

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