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Breastfeeding Mother's Health

Breastfeeding Women Health's Diet And Suggestion
  • During breastfeeding women have more proteins and more vitamins for mother feed to her baby.
  • Mother feeds give to baby good diet and strong to baby. 
  • Drink milk twice a day or before feed to her baby and eat yogurt. Mother takes healthy food for breastfeeding to her baby. Here you will read Breastfeeding women's health in Roman Urdu.
  • Please consulte your family doctor a week and monthly checkup. 

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  • Breastfeeding Women Mother Health In Urdu
  • Baby Feeding Ke Liyeh Mother Ki Diet
  • Mother Breastfeeding In Roman Urdu

    Breastfeeding Women Mother Health In Urdu

    1. Breastfeeding ke duran zaida qwat aur tawanai ke liyeh proteins aur hayateen ki zarorat hai. 
    2. Takay baby ko mother feed se puri diet mil sakay. Aur is tarah moither ki health barqarar rahay sakay. 
    3. Baby ko feed ke liyeh mother ko zada proteins khani chahaye.
    4. Iss ke ilawa chunke milk doodh mein calcium aur phosphorus ki miqdar zada hoti hai. Lehaza mother diet mein braestfeeding ke liye salt zada honay ki zarorat hain. 
    5. Mother feed ke liyeh mother ko din five ti six cup milk rozana peena chahaye is tarah mother ki health achi rehti hai. Breatfeeding women ko zada hayateen aur salt ki zarorat hai. 

    Baby Feeding Ke Liyeh Mother Ki Diet

    1. Breastfeeding women ke liyeh diet ke sath sath achay enviroment ki bhi zarorat hai. Ghum-o-fikar aur takanse doodh mein kami hojati hai.
    2. Breastfeeding women ko protein, namkinayat aur hayateen ke ilawa hararoon ki bhi zarorat hai. Agar mother ki diet mien hayateen kam hogae tuo milk bhi yahni doodh bhi kam aye ga. 
    3. Bhetar yeh hai keh pregnancy ke duran hi honay wali women ko calcium, phosphorus aur charbi mein hal honay wali hayateen k zada istemal karye. 

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