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Why To Eat Tomatoes

Why To Eat Tomatoes: Tomatoes are very juicy fruit that looks very graceful because of its red color and juiciness. So why one should eat tomatoes? Tomatoes prevent from cance. Tomatoes good for our skin, eyes, bones, heart and prevent to damage smoking.

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  • Tomatoes Prevents Form Cancer
  • Tomatoes Good For Skin
  • Tomatoes Beneficial For Bones, Heart And Mind
  • Prevent Damage Made By Smoking
  • Tomatoes Even Good For Your Eyes
  • Why To Eat Tomatoes

    Tomatoes Prevents Form Cancer

    The most important element in tomatoes that is Lycopene that can save us from the dangerous disease cancer. If it is eaten with broccoli then there are less chances to get cancer because it has vitamin C, so there is the presence of anti-oxidants. If there is intake of tomatoes daily then we cannot get any disease specially cancer.

    Tomatoes Good For Skin

    Presence of lycopene can be effective in making our skin glow and it is also seen that by applying cool tomatoes directly on the skin then there will be no need of going parlor to waste money because it acts like a natural cleanser of the skin.

    Tomatoes Beneficial For Bones, Heart And Mind

    Tomatoes also contain potassium. If it is cooked and then consumed, it is beneficial for our minds. Because it contains sodium so if you have heart diseases then start eating it. Some women complain about ageing so they should start drinking tomato juice regularly.

    Prevent Damage Made By Smoking

    This is a good news for all smokers that they can make them better again by just adding tomatoes in their diet as it mend the damage done by the cigarette. It contains coumaric acid that helps the body to protect it from carcinogens.

    Tomatoes Even Good For Your Eyes

    Who does not want their eye sight to function properly? Obviously we all want it , so God provide us with the fantastic fruit that is tomatoes that has a potential to improve your vision. So it is concluded that tomatoes are loaded with nutrition and full of minerals so we should eat it in various ways as per our preferences as to remain healthy and away from all life threatening diseases

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