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Benefits Of Milk | Benefits Of Yogurt | Roman Urdu

All about Milk And Yogurt

Milk is called in Urdu Doodh and yogurt is called in Urdu Dahi. Here you will find many benefits milk and yogurt in Roman Urdu.

Articles in Milk And Yogurt

  • Treatment With Yogurt - Dahi Ke Faide In Urdu
  • Treatment With Yogurt - Dahi Se Ilaj In Urdu: Here you will read about treatment with yogurt and its benefits (Dahi Ke Faide) in Roman Urdu..Read More

  • Milk For Newborn Baby - Maa Ka Doodh
  • Milk For Newborn Baby: Here you will read milk for newborn baby (maa ka doodh) in Roman Urdu..Read More

  • Diet During Pregnancy - Urdu
  • Diet Duing Pregnancy: Here you will read diet during pregnancy in Roman Urdu..Read More

  • Treatment With Milk - Doodh Se Ilaj
  • Treatment With Milk: Here you will read treatment with milk (doodh se ilaj) in Roman Urdu..Read More

  • Treatment Of Eyes And Ears From Milk
  • Treatment Of Eyes And Ears From Milk In Urdu: Here you read about Treatment Of Eyes And Ears From Milk In Roman Urdu..Read More

  • Beenefits of Milk
  • Benefits of Milk Tips: Milk is a liquid which we get from cow goat and buffalow..Read More

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