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Benefits Of Sapodilla In English

Sapodilla is called in Urdu “Chikoo”. Sapodilla is very delicious, ready to eat fruit with many micronutrients, because of its soft texture it can be easily eaten by very old and very young ones; it consists of soft pulp with upper peel just like potato.
Sapodilla Seed
Inside sapodilla (chikoo) the pulp there is single black colored seed which is inedible. 
Raw Sapodilla
When in raw state its pulp is somewhat leathery in texture and like latex.
Rich In Fibre
Sapodilla (chikoo) is rich in fiber, which prevents constipation, acidity and other digestive problems.
Antioxidants And Protects
Sapodilla is high in vitamin C and vitamin A both of which are antioxidants and protects from eye and skin diseases, heart diseases and aging. 
In Sapodilla, minerals which are found are iron, zinc, potassium and some amounts of calcium and phosphorous which are good for preventing many diseases like iron deficiency, weak bones and teeth decay and cavities, dull dry skin, hair fall and high blood pressure. 
Sapodilla (chikoo) is very delicious and light for digestive system; it does not cause heaviness after eatying. Its milk shake is very nutritious and best food for children and elderly because it does not put a much burden on their immature digestive system and digested easily. 
In addition, sapodilla (chikoo) delicious taste stimulates taste bus and increase appetite, children have craving for eating them and it is beneficial for their growth. 
Not only children but also adults can use it in periods where use of hard food is not desirable like in recovery phase from illness, with tooth problems when food cannot be easily chewed etc. 
Old people usually lose their teeth and have weak digestive system so sapodilla is ideal for them also.

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  • Chikoo Ke Faide In Roman Urdu
  • Chikoo Shake Recipe In Urdu
  • Chikoo Ke Faide In Urdu

    Chikoo Ke Faide In Roman Urdu

    Chikoo aik bohat hi mufrid fruit hai. Jis kay khanay kay bohat sey fawaid hai.
    Chikoo khanay ko bohat jald hazam karta hai.
    Chikoo khanay sey ankhoon ki bemari, dil kay doray aur dosri bemariyon sey bacha jasakta hai.
    Borh logon kay liyeh bohat zada mufeed hai kiun jab in kay dant sath chor jatay hai tuo chikoo khanay sey in ka khana jald hi hazam hojata hai.
    Chikoo mein mein minerals, zinc, potassium paya jata hai.

    Chikoo Shake Recipe In Urdu


    Kailay                              2 Adad
    Chikoo                            4 Adad 
    Doodh                             2 Glass
    Chinni                             Hisbay Zarorat
    Burf                                Thanda

    Chikoo Shake Banana Ki Tarqeeb
    Sab sey phelay blender kay jug mein kailay, chikoo, doodh, chinni mila kar achi tarah blend karaye.
    Phir us mein burf daal kar blender mein dalaye.
    Khubsurat sey glasses mein serve karaye.
    Chikoo shake tayaar hai. 

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