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Benefits Of Plum

Plum Benefits: Plum is red or dark brownish red in color with juicy somewhat tart taste, it is of a size of an apricot and may be round or oval in shape, its pulp is whitish creamy in color with inedible seed in center. 
Plums are also available in dried form called prune, which is also equally nutritious and used in making sauces, jams, jellies, and ingredient of many delicious food recepies. 
Plums are available from May to September in markets; it is full of fiber, vitamins and minerals. People having iron deficiency should use it regularly because it contain considerable amounts of iron and vitamin C , vitamin C is helpful in absorption of iron from intestine, in addition vitamin C is also used to synthesize collagen which give elasticity to blood vessels and skin tissues.
Therefore plum is also useful in curing many skin diseases and delays and treat signs of aging like loose skin, wrinkles and decreased muscle tone, other important vitamins and minerals found in plums are vitamin A, folic acid, zinc, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous and manganese. 
All are important for different functions in body ranging from regulation of blood pressure to strength of bones and teeth, plums are low calorie fruits and ideally used by the people who want to loose weight, plums with other fruits fulfill the daily requirement of nutrients without gaining weight. Plum’s skin or pulp is rich in fiber, which helps prevent constipation and keep intestinal tract healthy, so plums should not be peeled and should be eaten with its skin.

Table of Content
  • Alu Bukharay Ke Faide In Urdu
  • Alu Bukharay Ki Chutney - Plum Chutney
  • Plum - Alu Bukhara Ke Faide In Urdu

    Alu Bukharay Ke Faide In Urdu

    Alu bukaray ko bohat si cheezon mein istemaal kia jata hai.
    Alu bukaray kay bohat sey faiday hai.
    Alu bhukaray ka sharbat bhi banaya jata hai.
    Alu bhukaray ki madad sey chutniya bhi banahi jati hai.
    Alu bhukara hamari roz ki zarorat hai kiu iss sey motapa kam hota hai. 

    Alu Bukharay Ki Chutney - Plum Chutney


    Alu bhukara (Plum)                       1 Kg
    Chinni                                          1 pao
    Pani                                             2 glass
    Surkh Mirchain                               Hisbay Zaiqa
    Namak                                          Hasbay Zarorat

    Alu Bukharay Ki Chutney Banana Ki Tarqeeb In Urdu 
    Alu bhukaray (plum) ko achi tarah dhoo kar pani mein halki anch par rakh dain aur itnay pukaye keh alu bhukara gul jaye.
    Chinni shamil kar kay pukaye.
    Us kay baad surkh mirchain aur namaak daal kar itnay pukaye keh sab yaak jaan hojaye.
    Jab yeh ghara hojaye chutney ki tarah tuo uthar lain.
    Jab thanda hojaye tuo alu bhukaray kay chilkay chutney mein sey nikaal kar alag kardain.
    Phir alu bhukaray ki chutney ko aik bottle mein mehfooz kar kay rakh lain.
    Plum chutney nihayaat lazeez aur zaiqa dar hoti hai.  

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