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Pears Benefits - Nashpati Ke Faide In Urdu

Pear Benefits In Urdu: Here you will read pear (nashpati ke faide) benefits in Roman Urdu. Pears (nashpati) are relative of apples with conical or round shape and grainy texture its taste is different from apples. Pears (nashpati) are available from mid summer until January or February. 
Pear is very mild fruit and contains iron and vitamin C in good amounts. Iron is mineral which is required for making red blood cells in body and helps in carrying oxygen to different tissues so pear should be taken in diet to prevent iron deficiency and its outcomes like poor growth, lethargy and weakness and shortness of breath on exertion. 
In pear, vitamin C is water-soluble vitamin, which is required for healthy skin and acts as an antioxidant, which prevents from heart and brain diseases. 
Vitamin C is also important in saving us from viral infections like flue, viral fevers and sore throat; take pears regularly in diet to cure these problems by yourself with no side effects, pears also contain zinc and folic acid in considerable amounts.
Folic acid is required by body to renew damaged cells and for making new cells, folic acid protects from red cell deficiency, mouth ulcers. 
Folic acid is very important for normal development of spinal cord and brain in developing baby, pregnant women can protect their babies from complications by mixed fruit salads containing pear and other fruits to fulfill folic acid requirement. 
Pears (nashpati) are full of fiber and can be used in treatment of constipation, obesity, indigestion, acidity and even high cholesterol levels. In addition to these nutrients, pears contain nearly all B complex vitamins, which are good for health.

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  • Nashpati Ke Faide In Roman Urdu
  • Nashpati Ki Chutni In Roman Urdu
  • Pear Benefits In Urdu

    Nashpati Ke Faide In Roman Urdu

    Nashpati saib ki qism mein sey aik phal hai.
    Nashpati mien calcium C ki miqdar kafi paye jati hai.
    Iss ko khanay sey kafi faiday hai. Iss mein bhi fibre ki miqdar zada hai.
    Nashpati kahanay sey muhn kay chalay kam hojatay hai.
    Yeh bhi bohat hi mufeed aur sehat bekshk phal hai. 

    Nashpati Ki Chutni In Roman Urdu


    Nashpati        1 pao
    Chinni            1 pao
    Namak           1 chtki
    Piyaz Kati hui      1 adad
    Siyah Muirch        1 teaspoon
    Long                   8 jaway
    Lehsun                8 jaway
    Siyah Zeerah       thora sa
    Amli                   1 cup
    Sirka                   2 tablespoon

    Nashpati Ki Chutni Banana Ki Tarqeeb In Urdu 
    Naram nashpati ko dho kar cheelain aur kaat kaat kar pani mein daal tay jaye.
    Jab tamaam nashpatiyaan kaat lain tuo in mein sirf 2 piyali pani pani daal kar dheemi anch par puknay dain.
    Iss duraan amli achi tarah dhoo kar sirkay mein bheego dain.
    Tamaam masla mota mota khut kar lehsun aur piyaz shaamil kar kay potali bhand lain.
    Itnay harsay mein nashpati gul chuka hoga.
    Ab iss mein maslay wali potli aur chinni daal dain.
    Darmiyani aag par puknay dain.
    Jab chutni ghari hojaye tuo sirkay mein bheegi hui amli ka raas naikal kar saaf kapray mein chaan kar chutni mein daal dain.
    Iss kay baad jown hi ghari hojaye cholay uhtar lain.
    Bottles mein bhar kar rakh dain.
    Mezeadar nashpati ki chutni tayaar hai.
    Yeh chutni kafi arsay tak istemaal kar saktay hai.  

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