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Papaya Benefits And Its Types - Papita

Papaya Benefits And Its Type: Papita Ke Faide
There are two types of papaya
1. Raw papaya
2.. Ripeen papaya

Benefits Of Raw Papaya

What is raw papaya?
Raw papaya is green in color with somewhat firmer pulp then the ripen papaya. Fresh raw papaya has shiny skin and without any breaks in it. Raw papaya has been traditionally used for tenderizing meat. 
The tenderizing property of raw papaya is due to the presence of digestive enzymes which break down meat protein into amino acids. Raw papayas have higher quantity of digestive enzymes then fully ripen fruit. 
Meat has to be marinated with paste or crushing of raw papaya before cooking to make it softer and tender so that it can be easily digested. This quality is amazing in digestion of protein in stomach too; raw papaya either cooked with meal or taken as raw salad, is excellent for people who have weak digestive system and who are unable to chew food properly due to mouth ulcers and teeth problems. 
Papaya can be used in salads to eat with fatty foods and high protein diets like red meat and chicken. Moreover raw papaya is full of fiber and further aids in absorption of water from intestine and decrease absorption of sugar and cholesterol from gut, thus preventing diabetes and high cholesterol levels and also prevents constipation. 
It also facilitates the growth of useful bacteria in large intestine, which protects from flatulence and abdominal bloating. Apart from digesting meat, raw papaya is also equally rich in nutrients which are present in ripen one.  

Benefits Of Ripen Papaya

What is ripen papaya?
Papaya is conical bell shaped yellowish orange fruit with very soft pulp and numerous black seeds in core. Sometimes it has green streaks on skin. Fully ripen papaya has sweet taste with mild bitterness. Papaya is well known for its laxative and digestive properties. 
Papaya is an excellent natural food for reliving constipation. Ripen papaya contain digestive enzymes which digest protein though these enzymes are present in more amounts in raw papaya but ripen papayas are not entirely devoid of them. 
Papaya is healthy food for digestive tract and relieves constipations, piles, gastritis, ulcers and even diarrhea; this is because it promotes the growth of healthy bacteria in intestine which regulate the motility and fluid absorption from intestine and remove toxic remains of digested food. 
Papaya is rich in vitamins and minerals which are good for skin, many beauty products in markets are available which use papaya extract as their ingredients, if applied on skin papaya pulp instantly gives shine and brightness to dull skin, papaya mask is useful to decrease acne, pimples, pigmentation, sunburn and wrinkles. Papaya is also helpful in treatment of dark circles around eyes. 
Papaya has many anti inflammatory substances which reduce inflammatory conditions like asthma, arthritis and skin inflammations. Papaya is good source of antioxidants and low calorie food and has low salt content so can be safely taken by diabetics and heart patients. 

Table of Content
  • Papita Ke Faide In Urdu
  • Yin Yang Desert Recipe Of Papaya (Papita) In Urdu
  • Papaya - Papita Ke Faide In Urdu

    Papita Ke Faide In Urdu

    Papaya Benefits In Urdu

    1. Papita do qasam ke hotay hai.

    2. Kacha papita aur paka hua papeta.

    3. Kacha papita amm toor par gosht galanay ke kaam ata hai.

    4. Paka papita fruits chat aur yuhn bhi khaya jata hai.

    5. Papita ke beach nai khayae jatay hai.

    6. Dengue ke patient ko papita ka juice pilana bohat zada hi faide mand hai.

    Yin Yang Desert Recipe Of Papaya (Papita) In Urdu


    Coconut Milk                        1 cup
    Milk                                    Half cup
    Sabudana                           3 tablespoon
    Vanilla Ascense                    1 drop
    Rippen Papaya  (Paka Papita)                   2 medium size
    Pudina                                For garnish

    Yin Yang Papaya Desert Banana Ki Tarqeeb

    Sab sey phelay coconut milk, sugar, milk aur sabudana ko mix kar kay cholay par boil honay rakh dain.
    Jab aap ko lagay keh sabudan ghara hogya hai tab us mein valilina asense shamil karaye.
    Chola band karaye. Thanda karaye.
    Phir 1 ghanaty kay liyeh freezer mein rakhaye.
    Jab tak papaya kaat kar, seeds alag karain.
    Phir blender mein papaya ko blend karain.
    Papaya kay pulp ko bhi 1 ghanaty kay liyeh thanda honay kay lieyh freezer mein rakh dijiye.
    Serve kartay waqt 1 bowl mein sabdan pudding phir papaya puplp ki issi tarah 2 sey 3 layers banaye.
    Mezedar yin yang papaya desert tayaar hai.
    Uppar sey cream dal kar bhi khaya jasakta hai.  

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