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Benefits Of Oranges

Oranges are one of the most widely used and eaten fruits worldwide. Oranges are grown in many parts of world. 
Oranges are highest source of vitamin C. Orange can be eaten as a whole or taken as juice but it is preferable to use the whole fibrous fruit then juice as in making juice we loose fiber of the fruit which is most important food substance after vitamin C present in oranges. 
Oranges also juice contains comparatively lower antioxidant content. Oranges are full of vitamins and minerals along with vitamin C. oranges are useful for heart patients, diabetics, patients with recurrent viral illness like flue, cold, fevers and many respiratory problems like cough, asthma and bronchitis due to presence of its anti inflammatory agents and antioxidants. 
Interestingly oranges are best for delaying the signs of aging like wrinkles, dull and loose skin, pigmentation, loss of muscle tone, decreased memory, and intellectual functions, these healthful benefits are due to vitamin C which has magical effects on cells by fighting free radicals in body and synthesizing collagen which gives elasticity to skin and connective tissues present thought body. 
Oranges have wide variety of minerals, most abundant are potassium and magnesium; these minerals regulate nerve conduction and heart functions thus maintaining normal blood pressure and heart rate. It is interesting to note that skin or peel of oranges are equally rich in antioxidant content but these are not usually eaten because of bitter taste, but it can be cooked and used in sweet dishes and in forms of jams and jellies to get their healthy nutrients.

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  • Oranges Ke Faide In Urdu
  • Orange Cake Recipe In Roman Urdu
  • Oranges Benefits In Urdu

    Oranges Ke Faide In Urdu

    Fruits mein oranges bhi Allah'Tala ka paish tufha hai.
    Oranges kay istemaal sey zehan teez aur kawi hota hai.
    Binai mein bhi iszafa hota hai.
    Khoon saaf karta hai aur rangat nikaarta hai.
    Is kay istemaal sey zeharila madah kharij hota hai.
    Oranges kay istemaal karnay sey chehra saaf hojata hai.
    Oranges, teez bhukar kay baad ki kamzoori ko dur karta hia.
    Orange kay juice mein rang saaf karnay aur teezabiat dur karnay ki silayaat hai. 

    Orange Cake Recipe In Roman Urdu


    Maida                                2 Cups
    Butter                                Half cup
    Orange Juice                      1 Cup
    Badaam                            Thoray Se
    Baking powder                   1 Teaspoon
    Eggs                                 2
    Sugar                               1 Cup

    Orange Cake Banana Ki Tarqeeb In Urdu 

    Eggs ko achi tarah beat karain. Jab eggs beat hojaye tuo us mein sugar daal kar beat karaye.
    Phir us mein butter, orange juice and baking powder daal kar achi tarah beat karaye.
    Akhiar mein maida daal kar wooden spoon sey mix karaye.
    Jab achi tarah mix hojaye tuo oven mein 180c pe bake honay rakh.
    Baking timing 30mins-45mins.
    Jab bake hojaye tuo orange cake kay top par marmalade jelly laga kar serve karaye. 

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