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Benefits Of Olives - Zaitoon

Olives are small green or black fruits grown in many parts of world but their use is most extensive in Arab and Middle East, probably because of its religious value. Olive’s description is found in Holy Quran, the holy book of Muslims, it is regarded as fruit present in heaven. 
Olives are small fruits with central core containing single seed. Olive is eaten as fruit and more popularly, its oil is used in cooking, in salads, in many over the counter skin products. Olives are available in market dipped in food preservatives or vinegar or stuffed. 
Both fruit and olive oil are beneficial for health with some differences. Olives are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants. These fatty acids are precursors of good fats and antioxidants fight against damaging toxic metabolites, both protect from heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, strokes, and cancers, olives are rich in fiber.
Olive’s pulp is full of dietary fiber which in turn is good for digestive tract and prevents many intestinal cancers. Olive oil is extracted after processing of olives by compressing, it could be pure or virgin oil, and virgin olive oil is oil extracted by natural manner without any chemical processing and retains the most natural ingredients. 
Olive oil is an excellent laxative, it prevents constipation it is not irritating to intestinal tract so can be safely used in pregnancy induced constipation. 
It contains unsaturated fats and it does not raise cholesterol levels and does not clot blood vessels as compared to oils containing saturated animal fats.
Obese people and those who are on dieting without ant fear of weight gain can use olive oil. Olive oil is best skin moisturizer, relieves many skin problems like dryness, inflammation, and wrinkles. Olive oil is equally beneficial for hairs, it helps controlling hair fall, dandruff and give soft silky texture to hairs.

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  • Zaitoon Ke Faide
  • Zaitoon Cake Recipe In Roman Urdu
  • Zaitoon Ke Faide

    Zaitoon Ke Faide

    Zaitoon ka istemal bohat aam hai.
    Zaitoon ka tail bohat si cheezon mein istemaal kia jata hai.
    Motapa dur karnay kay liyeh subha nahar muhn do khilaye jaye tuo faida hoga.
    Zaitoon ka tail pairon mein laganay sey khubsurat aur mulayam hojatay hai.
    Apnay hathon ko naram karnay kay liyeh zaitoon kay tail sey asaistagae sey massage karaye.
    Bath tube mein nahanay sey phelay thora sa zaitoon ka tail daal diya jaye tuo jild naram hojaye gae.
    Cherhay ki jiriyan dur karnay kay liyeh zaitoon ka tail thori si miqdar mein hathyli ki madad sey massage karaye.
    Zaitoon ka tail khana bananay mein bhi istemal hota hai. 

    Zaitoon Kahan Mohammad Mustafa ki Sunaat mein shamil hai. 

    Zaitoon Cake Recipe In Roman Urdu


    Anday                                2 Adad (beat kiye hwe)
    Zaitoon                              1 cup (kat lain)
    Chinni                                2 tablespoon
    Namak                              1 chutki
    Zaitoon ka tail                    1/2 cup
    Maida                                3.5 tablespoon
    Baking Powder                    1/2 chai ka chmacha
    Doodh                               1/2 cup 

    Zaitoon Cake Banana Ki Tarqeeb In Urdu 
    Anaday ko achi tarah beat kar lain, phir zaitoon aur zaitoon kay tail mein shamil karlian.
    Maida, chinni, namak aur baking powder ko mix karlain.
    Doodh ko naday waly amazay mein shamil karlain. 
    Phir tamaam khushk ashiya shamil kar kay achi tarah mix karlain.
    Ab cake pan ko oily karlain.
    Phir tamaam mixer cake pan mein daal lain.
    Oven ko phelay sey 180c par kar dain aur us mein rakh dain.
    Phir butter aur cheese kay slices kay sath paish karaye. 

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