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Musk Melon Benefits In English

Musk Melon: Musk melon has another name is Cantaloupe. Muskmelons are large sized fruits resembling watermelons except their colors, they are yellow in color as compared to watermelons, which are green or light, green in color, and muskmelons are natural store of water and fiber along with handsome amounts of beta-carotenes and other vitamins.
Beta-carotenes are plant pigments, which give color to plants, these are precursors of vitamin A in body, vitamin A is important and well known for sharp healthy vision, and if you want to keep your vision in healthy state, you should include musk melon in your diets. 
Musk melons also contain large amount of water, it prevents dehydration, improves kidney function by increasing urine flow, and clears waste products, and it is very effective in treating kidney stones and urinary tract infections, it also used to hydrate body and as energy drink in heat stroke, lethargy and weakness especially in hot sunny days. 
Muskmelon is rich in fibrous pulp, which prevents constipation, diarrhea, indigestion and ulcer formation in intestinal tract musk melons also contain vitamin C and B complex vitamins and many minerals which are important in protecting us from many chronic diseases and cancers. 
Its seeds are condensed with many antioxidants and are dried and used as brain foods; seed powder if taken with milk greatly improves mental functions like memory and IQ. Musk melon seeds are important for nervous disorders like headache, depression, abnormal sensation, nerve compression pains and muscular disorders.

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  • Musk-Melon Ke Faide In Roman Urdu
  • Kharbuja Ka Sharbat Recipe In Urdu
  • Musk Melon Benefits In Urdu

    Musk-Melon Ke Faide In Roman Urdu

    Musk melon, watermelon ki tarah hota hai.
    Musk melon ko bohat hi mufeed aur faida mand phal samj jata hia.
    Musk melon khanay sey dimagh bohat teez hota hai.
    Muskmelon kay beach khanay sey sar ka dard, matli aur depression jaisi bemarion ko dur karta hai.
    Musk melon ka pani peenay sey wazan mein kami ati hai.
    Musk melon ka ghudo chehray pay laganay sey chehray mein ronak ajati hai. 

    Kharbuja Ka Sharbat Recipe In Urdu


    Kharbhuja                                 2 Adad
    Orange juice                              1 cup
    Chini                                         1 tablespoon

    Kharbuja Ka Sharbat Banana Ki Tarqeeb In Urdu 
    Sab sey phelay khurbhuja kay chalkay uthar lain.
    Uss kay beach alag kartay.
    Chotay pieces kaat kar blender mein dalaye.
    Phir us mein orange juice aur chinni shaamil kar kay blender mein blend karaye.
    Phir akhiar mein burf dal kar 1 chakar chala dain.
    Kharbhuja ka sharbat tayaar hai.
    Khubsurat glasses mein serve karaye. 

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