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Mango Benefits

Fruits are one of the biggest blessing from Allah. Every one loves to eat fruits and they have their own favourites but most important is that majority of the peoples love mango as their favourite fruit. Best mangoes are cultivated in Pakistan and India. There are many types of mangoes in which chaunsa is the most tastiest that cultivated in Pakistan.

Types Of Mango 

There are two types of mango.
1. Raw Mango (Kacha Aam)
2. Ripe Mango (Puka hua aam) 

Benefits Of Raw Mango 

Raw mangoes are picked from trees before they fully ripen and are dark green in color with very sour taste and firmer pulp the ripe mangoes, raw mangoes can be stored for longer times for use then ordinary mangoes so they are used to make pickles, sauces, jams and jellies. 
There are some social taboos that they can cause sore throat or they can cause precocious puberty in young girls but this is not true; these are only false taboos and raw mangoes are really store of fiber, iron and antioxidants and minerals. Raw mangoes are also rich in iron and other minerals, which are important for blood cell formation and metabolism. 
Raw mangoes contain more antioxidant content then the ripen mangoes, they contain complex sugar called starch. Which hydrolyze slowly in body into simple sugar. Which give sustained amounts of energy and does not because high sugar levels abruptly, that is why mangoes have been used as energy drinks traditionally in hot summer days it prevents and treats the symptoms of heart stroke and sunburn and have very cooling effect on body. 
Raw mango juice mixed with honey or sugar is an excellent drink for cooling body and minimizes the effects of high temperatures.

Benefits Of Ripe Mango 

Ripe Mangoes are fruits liked by everyone. We can hardly find a person who dislikes this tasty and nutritious fruit, it is well known as king of fruits and it is very true, no fruit is superior to it in taste. 
Although all fruits have, nutrition equals to mangoes but its great taste makes it most eatable among all of its relatives. Mangoes are rich in iron, potassium and fiber, vitamin C and vitamin A. 
Mangoes have excellent laxative properties due to high fiber and it relieves constipation very rapidly. Mango is very beneficial for dull pale skin due to the presence of vitamin CV and iron, iron is used to make red blood cells and supply oxygen maximally to different tissues that is why mango eating gives healthy glowing skin. 
Ripe Mango is beneficial for normal eyesight because it contains beta-carotenes, which are precursors of vitamin A in body and are very important for vision in day light and in night.
Some people cannot see properly in dark due to deficiency of vitamin A, night blindness can be prevented by taking recommended amounts of vitamin A in diet, by taking mangoes daily in diet vitamin A deficiency can be prevented especially in children. Vitamin A is important for protecting from dangerous childhood infections like measles, chicken pox, mumps, and poliomyelitis because it has natural antibacterial, antiviral properties and enhances immunity. 
Ripe Mangoes are source of potassium, which regulates nerve, and muscle activity and keep normal electrolyte balance, potassium regulates heartbeat and blood pressure. Mangoes can be eaten by diabetics because they have low glycerin index; means they do not raise blood sugar levels abruptly and antioxidants present in it neutralize the damage of tissues induced by high sugar levels. 

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  • Benefits Of Mango In Roman
  • Mango With Sooji Desert Recipe In Urdu
  • Mango Benefits In Urdu

    Benefits Of Mango In Roman

    Aam Ke Faide

    Aam ko janat ka mawa or phalo ka badsha kha jata ha. Yeh bahasa shafa bai hai. Aur sab ka murgoab phal bai hai. Sab sa ala or nafees aam Pakistan aur India main padha hota ha. Bozorgo ka akwal ka mutabik is khiata ko aam ka abai watan kha jata ha. Purana waqto main badshaho waziro ka pasandida phal aam he raha hai.
    Akbar Badsha nay apna risat ka zamana ma aam ka bahak lagwaya tha. Bhoat ji ma ek lag tarak aam ka tha jas jas waqt bar raha hai. Aam ki mang main ezafa ho raha ha. Aam bacha ho ya bara sab ko pasand hai. Aam sehat ka lia bai bhoat acha hai. Aam ka istamal sa jighar khasi khoon ki kami or bhoat sa bemariya dor hoti hai. Ek waqt main ek kilo ya adha kilo sa zada aam istamal nai karna chaya is sa face per dana nickal ata hai. Kacha aam ka achar bai banaya jata hai.
    Aam khana sa ranghat bai achi hoti hai. Tabhi naga sa aam main vitamin A aur C, protien, phosphorus aur iron ka khazana mojood hai. Aam ek aisa pahal ha jo zada magha bai nai hota.Is ko har tabka ka insaan asani sa la sakta ho aur apna bacho ka sath is ka maza lay sakta hai.

    Mango With Sooji Desert Recipe In Urdu


    Mangoes               4 sey 5 (Meethay)
    Sooji                     1 cup
    Chinni                   1 cup
    Cream                  1 cup
    Gee                      2 tablespoon
    Elachi powder         1/2 chai ka chamcha
    Doodh                   1 cup
    Kaishkaish              1/2 teaspoon
    Badam, pistay          Garnish kay liyeh 

    Mango With Sooji Desert Banana Ki Tarqeeb In Roman Urdu 
    Sab sey phelay aamo ko kaat kar chotay chotay pieces kar lain.
    Aik pan mein gee garam karaye.
    Us mein elachai daal kar sooji shamil kar kay bhunain.
    Jab sooji ki khusbu anay lagay tab us mein kaishaish daal dain.
    Phir us mein dhood aur cream daal kar phir mangoes daal dain.
    Phir teez anch par pukaye kay dhood aur cream khuskh hojaye.
    Phir badam aur pistay daal kar chola band kardain.
    Mezadar mango sooji desert tayaar hai.  

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