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Benefits Of Guava

Guava is small round or pear shaped fruits with light green color, soft pulp and numerous tiny seeds inside it. Guava has unique taste and have very pleasant odor, guavas are most commonly consumed fruits in Asia after banana and mango. 
Guava have many antioxidants in form of vitamins and natural photochemical, minerals and fiber, guava have amazing results in treating constipation, its pulp is full of indigestible fiber which absorbs water from intestines and makes stools soft and allow their easy passage. High fiber content lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels. 
Guava is rich in antioxidants, which are good for heart, blood vessels, brain and nervous system when you eat guava you have tightening feeling in your mouth; this is due to presence of natural astringents which constricts the tissues. 
This cures many diseases like bleeding gums, and spaces between teeth which cause dental plaque due to accumulation of food particles and bacteria, guava contains many minerals, potassium is present in high amounts which prevents high blood pressure and regulates heart rhythm. 
Guava is effective in curing flu, cold and cough due to presence of vitamin C, vitamin C prevents many chronic diseases and even cancers. Guava is helpful in loosing weight because it satisfies hunger and prevents overeating.

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  • Amrood Benefits In Roman Urdu
  • Guava Drink Recipe In Urdu
  • Guava Benefits In Urdu

    Amrood Benefits In Roman Urdu

    Amrood Ke Faide 
    Jin logun ko garmion mein nikseer ka arzaah ho ya woh khawateen jin ko hais ki bay qauidagae ki shikayaat ho in ko chahaye keh woh amrrod ka istemaal zaroor karaye.
    Amrood dawai kay toor par bhi saani nahi rakhta aur shandar nitaiaj samnay atay hain.
    Amrood, bawasir khooni mein bhi akseer ka darja rakhta hai.
    Amrood sey masoon ki jalan bhi dur ho jati hai.
    Bawasir mein qabz ko dur karna bohat zaroori hota hai aur amrood mein qabz dur karnay ki salayaat bohat pahe jati hai.
    Amrood aik mushoor aur aam phal jo khaya jata hia.
    Pukay amrood ka dhai raita bohat lazeez hota hai. 

    Guava Drink Recipe In Urdu


    Annanas                1/4 cup
    Gauva                    3 Adad
    Chinni                    1 Tablespoon
    Burf                       Thanda

    Guava Drink Banana Ki Tarqeeb
    Annanas, guava, chinni aur burf ko blender mein daal kar achi blend karaye.
    Phir pani daal dai.
    Khubsurat sey glasses mein serve karaye. 

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