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Benefits Of Grapes

Grapes are regarded as royal fruits; they have been used since decades as good quality food and were included in cuisines of kings and queens in ancient tomes. 
Grapes are rich in water, polyphones, vitamins, minerals and fiber. Grapes are excellent remedy for sleep disorders and for brain activity, daily intake of grapes improve quality of sleep and cures lack of sleep, disturbed sleep, anxiety, mood disorders and even depression. 
Grapes contain many antioxidants, which are important for maintaining normal functioning of brain cells; grape intake solves the problem of memory loss as well as improves higher mental functions like concentration, judgment, and intellectual. 
Grapes are also good for relieving constipation, grapes juice is best detoxifier and effective in blood and liver disorders, grapes contain iron, copper, folic acid and many other minerals. 
Which are required for red blood cell formation and for normal metabolism that is why it is useful for patients with liver diseases like jaundice, typhoid and hepatitis because liver has poor metabolic functions in these states and grape helps to improve it. 
It has cooling effects on stomach, grapes are natural store of antibacterial, antiviral, anti inflammatory, and anticancer agents, grapes juice is an excellent skin tonic because of its vitamin and mineral content.

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  • Grapes Benefits In Roman Urdu
  • Grapes Juice Recipe In Roman Urdu
  • Grapes Benefits In Urdu

    Grapes Benefits In Roman Urdu

    Grapes khanay kay bohat sey faiday hai. 
    Grapes mein pani ki miqdar bohat pahe jati hai. 
    Yeh khoon ko kafi teez karta hai aur blood pressure normal rakhta hai.
    Grapes khanay walon ka hazma bhi dursut rehta hai.
    Grapes ka juice bohat lazeez aur sehat mand hota hai. 

    Grapes Juice Recipe In Roman Urdu


    Grapes                         1/2 kg
    Pani                             2 cup
    Caster sugar                 2 khanay kay chamchay
    Lemon juice                  1 chahi ka chamcha
    Namak                         1 pinch 
    Bhuna hua zeerah         1/2 chai ka chamcha
    Burf                             Thanda, Hisb-e-zarorat

    Grapes Juice Banana Ki Tarqeeb In Roman Urdu 
    Grapes ko dhoo kar potato mash sey achi tarah mash karlain.
    Ab iss mein pani daal kar achi tarah sey milain.
    Phir chani ki madad sey chaan lain. 
    Ab blender mein burf, caster sugar, namak, lemon juice, aur grapes ka juice shaamil kar kay blend kar lain.
    Akhair mein kata zeerah aur thori si kali mirch peesi huyi chirak dain. aur phir grapes juice ko guests ko thanda serve karaye. 

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