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Benefits Of Figs

Figs are dried form of fig fruit with dark brown or reddish brown color and many grainy seeds inside the fibrous pulp with central hole.
Figs are extremely sweet in taste; figs are regarded as one of the best brain foods because it contains many antioxidants, which are very beneficial for brain functions. Figs are important diet to prevent degenerative brain disease alike Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinsonism. 
Figs are abundant in natural fiber, fiber is useful in treating many condition like indigestion, obesity, diabetes, diarrhea, flatulence, stomach ulcers and intestinal cancers and high cholesterol levels. 
Figs are especially beneficial in decreasing belly fat along with overall weight loss. Another most abundant ingredient in fig is calcium. Calcium is present in handsome amounts in it; figs if included in regular diet can prevent osteoporosis, bone fractures and other bone and joint disorders. 
Iron, copper and zinc are also present in considerable amounts in this delicious fruit. Everyone knows the importance of iron; it treats weakness, lethargy and increase energy levels. 
Zinc is very important for reproductive functions, regular intake of figs increase fertility and sex desire, zinc is very useful mineral for healthy skin, nails, and hairs, zinc is very beneficial in treatment of childhood diarrheal disease and prevents many viral infections too. 
These are the nutrients, which are most abundant, but there is long list of food particles for healthy body and mind, which are present in figs.

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  • Figs Benefits In Roman Urdu
  • Figs Tart Recipe In Roman Urdu
  • Figs Fruit Benefits In Urdu

    Figs Benefits In Roman Urdu

    Figs aik faida mand aur lazeez phal.
    Figs sey humain zinc jaisi tawania hasil hoti hai.
    Figs mein taakat aur sehat kay lehaz sey har cheese shamil.
    Figs mein potassium aur mineral ki miqdar kafi pahi jati hai.
    Figs mein jald hazam karnay wali sulayaat hai. 

    Figs Tart Recipe In Roman Urdu


    Maida                          1 1/2 cup
    Chinni                          3 tablespoon
    Lemon                         1 teaspoon
    Namak                         1 pinch
    Butter (cold and cut into pieces)         10 tablespoon
    Pani                              3 tablespoons
    Badam paste                  3 1/2 ounces
    Cheese                          1/3 cup
    Vanilla Flavour                 1 drop
    Honey                             2 tablespoon
    Figs                                6 baray aur chotay small figs (chikay uthar lain) 
    Apricot Jam                      1/4 cup 

    Figs Tart Banana Ki Tarqeeb In Roman Urdu 
    Aik bowl mein maiday mein 2 tablespoon, lemon juice and salt dain phir mix karaye.
    Butter daal kar mix karaye.
    Dough ko 1 ghantay kay liyeh rakh dain.
    Jab tak almond paste mein sugar, cheese, vanilla flavour and honey daal kar blend karliye jaye.
    Oven ko 400 degree par kardain.
    Chotay bowl mein dough ko dalaye.
    Phir bake karaye 40 minutes tak golden color honay tak.
    Jab bake hojaye tuo tary mein nikal kar almond paste laga kar serce karaye.
    Mezadar figs tart tayaar hai.  

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