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Benefits Of Dates

Dates are amazing fruits, these are most commonly consumed and favorite fruit in Arab and middle east countries because dates have religious value also for Muslims, it is regarded as best food by Last Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). He used dates in his meals and also advised Muslims to eat them.
Dates have many varieties but two important types are Saudian or Iranian variety which is very soft, large in size a and black or dark brown in color, other variety is grown in Pakistan, Malaysia, srilanka; is smaller in size and light brown in color and somewhat has firm texture, raw dates are yellowish brown in color and also are edible.
Dates are also available in dried form throughout the year. Dates have magical effects on body. Few large sized dates are enough for energy requirement of whole day because it is high calorie diet and contains lots of sugars which give sustained amount of energy. Dares are excellent for gaining weight for thin, lean underweight people, and also for those who have decreased appetites. 
Dates are useful in curing many problems like constipation, weakness and anemia due to presence of fiber, iron, vitamins and minerals, dates are good for sexual disorders too like decreased sex desire and infertility. Dates are natural store of antioxidants which fight against many diseases and cancers.

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  • Dates Benefits In Urdu
  • Dates Recipes In Urdu
  • Dates Benefits In Urdu

    Khajoor Ke Faide

    Dates bohat hi mufeed aur janati phal hai.
    Humaray pyaray Nabi Mohammad (S.A.W) ka pasandi phal hai.
    Date (khajoor) khanay kay bohat sey faiday hai.
    Khajoor kay khanay sey sehat bhetar hoti hai.
    Khajoor ko nahar muhn khana chahaye.

    Dates Recipes In Urdu


    Dates                       1/2 kg
    Akrot                        1 piyali
    Butter                       4 khanay kay chamcha
    Chinni                      1/2 piyali
    Digestive Biscuits       1 packet
    Khopara                   1 piyali (peesi hui)
    Cream                     2 piyali 

    Dates Bananay Ki Tarqeeb
    Dates ki gutliyan nikaal un ka gudo bana lain.
    Ab akhrrot ko bareek kaat kar rakh lain.
    Ab dheegchi ya kharia mein butter ko halka sa garam karain aur iss mein dates ka guda daal kar halka sa bhun lain.
    Jab woh ghara hojaye tuo chinni aur peesa shaamil kar kay 5 minutes kay liyeh bhun lain.
    Phir digestive biscuits ka chora kar kay iss mein milayain aur akhroot daal kar chamchay sey chala kar achi tarah mix karain.
    Iss kay baad aik thaali mein zara si chikhnai laga kar halwa phala kar jama dain.
    Ab cream ko achi tarah phaint lain.
    Jab ghari hojaye tuo issay halway kay uppar phala dain.
    Sath hi thoray sey akhroot uppar sajanay kay liyeh daal dain. 
    Akhair mein halway kay chokor kaat serve karain. 

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