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Benefits Of Custard Apple

Custard Apple Benefits: Custard apple are not common fruits and rarely used by Asian people but they can be seen on and off in markets, custard apple is yellow to brown irregular fruit with very sweet taste and aroma like custard, hence the name custard apple. 
Custard apple contains carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fiber as all fruits do.
They contain very little fat and no sodium, custard apple is beneficial for cardiac patients, diabetics and patients with high blood pressure, custard apple has many antioxidants in form of plant polyphenols and phyto chemicals which fight free radicals in body. 
Free radicals are cause of cancers, chronic diseases and aging. Custard apple are high calorie fruits and very effective for children’s growth both physical and mental one. 
Custard apple gives energy by breakdown of cpomplex sugars present in it, these complex sugars hydrolyze slowly in body and do not cause sugar levels to rise there fore can be safely taken by diabetics. 
Custard apple like all fruits contains fibers which are required to maintain healthy digestive tract and treats and prevents many diseases. You should try custard apple along with ordinary fruits because their unique taste stimulates your taste buds along with giving many health nutrients.

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  • Custard Apple Recipe In Roman Urdu
  • Health benefits of Custard Apples
  • Custard Apple Benefits - Faide In Urdu

    Custard Apple Recipe In Roman Urdu

    Custard (any flavour)
    Custard Apple (Cheel kar beach nikaal lain)
    Cake piece
    Chocolate Stick
    Jelly (Any flavour)
    Custard Apple Bananay Ki Tarqeeb In Roman Urdu 
    1 pan mein dhood garam kar lain, chinni iss mein hal kar lain.
    Iss mein custard daal kar pukayain.
    Custard daal kar pukayain.
    Apple custard ki qashain kaat kar grind karlain.
    Grind apple custard, custard mein daalain sath hi cake piece mila kar sab cheezon ko halka halka puka kar gharah kar lain.
    Iss mixer ko ice cream cup mein nikaal lain aur jelly saaja dain.
    Fridge mein khub thanda kar kay chocolate stick uppar laga serve karain.

    Health benefits of Custard Apples

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