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Banana Benefits And Its Types - Faide

Benefits Of Banana: Bananas are one of the blessings that help you in your health in many ways..if you think bananas are only for monkeys than you have to think again...following down you may read multiple benefits of bananas.
There are two types of bananas. 
1. Ripe Bananas 
2. Raw Bananas 

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  • Benefits Of Ripe Banana
  • Raw Bananas Benefits
  • Banana Ke Faide In Roman Urdu
  • Bananas Benefits - Banana ke Faide In Roman Urdu

    Benefits Of Ripe Banana

    What is ripe bananas?
    Bananas are most delicious and abundant fruits. They are ideal fruit to eat by very young ones, children and very old one. 
    Because of their softness they cam be easily eaten by these age groups, most of the infants start their weaning by eating bananas. 
    Bananas are excellent for treating diarrhea in children as well as well as in adults. Bananas are alkaline in nature and can be used to treat acidity and ulcers. 
    Banana acts as antidote in some types of poisoning, like glass poisoning or accidental intake of bones or foreign material because they stick to the object and cause their removal from intestines. 
    Though bananas are full of all food components but they have especially large amounts of potassium. Potassium is a mineral which is required for nerve and muscle functions. 
    It regulates blood pressure and heart rate, so bananas are useful in regulating blood pressure and heat rate. Bananas contain calcium and phosphorous which are essential for bone and teeth development, children get benefit from these delicious and ready to eat fruits for their proper growth. 

    Raw Bananas Benefits

    What is Raw Bananas?

    Raw bananas are some what firmer in consistency then ripen bananas; they have green peel which is not easily removed. 
    Raw banana are difficult to digest so they must be cooked before eating, raw bananas are used to prepare many dishes, and raw bananas are high in fiber and starch, a complex sugar. It is debatable whether raw bananas have more vitamin and mineral content then ripen bananas. 
    Raw bananas are equally nutritious with the exception of little difference in antioxidant content. Raw bananas can stored for longer periods then ripe bananas. 
    Raw bananas are high in potassium, it keeps blood pressure in normal state and relieves stress headache and depression, raw bananas are use to make delicious sweet dish which is very attractive food for weaning children, raw bananas are equally rich in antioxidants, antioxidant neutralize toxins from body. 
    Raw bananas also have appreciable amounts of iron. Iron is very important mineral necessary for blood formation and transfer of oxygen to tissues. Fiber in raw bananas works to lower cholesterol, acidity and regulate intestinal motility therefore controlling both diarrhea and constipation.

    Banana Ke Faide In Roman Urdu

    Phal banana hamarey liye ek bohat bari naimat hy. Jo hameri body ko taqat k sath sath qabz depression khoon ki qami me bey had mufeed hy. Ye natural antacid hn jo seeny ki jalan (heart burning) kum krta hy. Isy kidney ke cancer me b use kia jaskata hy..Ye blood sugar b control krta hy. Kaily bachon ke liye bohat miufeed hai. Kaily ka istemal ulcer ke marzoon ko khna chahye. Kaily khanay se maiday ki takleef nai hoti hai. 
    Kachay banana jaldi hazam nai hotay hai, kachay ko banana ko lazmi pakana parta hai. Kachay banana ko paka kar khanay mein hi zaiqa hai. Kachay banana mein fibre ki miqdar zada hoti hai. Kachay kaily se vitamin E hasil hota hai. 

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