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Fruits Benefits In Urdu | Phal Ke Faide | Fruits Name

All about Fruits Benefits

Most important natural foods are fruits and vegetables, among these foods fruits are superior because they have taste along with nutrition and can be taken raw.

Articles in Fruits Benefits

  • Benefits Of Guava
  • Guava is small round or pear shaped fruits with light green color, soft pulp and numerous tiny seeds inside it..Read More

  • Benefits Of Grapes
  • Grapes are regarded as royal fruits; they have been used since decades as good quality food and were included in cuisines of kings and queens in ancient tomes..Read More

  • Benefits Of Figs
  • Figs are dried form of fig fruit with dark brown or reddish brown color and many grainy seeds inside the fibrous pulp with central hole..Read More

  • Benefits Of Dates
  • Dates are amazing fruits, these are most commonly consumed and favorite fruit in Arab and middle east countries because dates have religious value also for Muslims, it is regarded as best food by Last Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)..Read More

  • Mango Benefits
  • Fruits are one of the biggest blessing from Allah..Read More

  • Benefits Of Strawberry In English
  • Strawberry Benefits: Here you we will read strawberry benefits (strawberry ke faide) in Roman Urdu..Read More

  • Musk Melon Benefits In English
  • Musk Melon: Musk melon has another name is Cantaloupe..Read More

  • Benefits Of Sapodilla In English
  • Sapodilla is called in Urdu “Chikoo”..Read More

  • Benefits Of Pomegranate
  • Pomegranate (Anar) is regarded as fruit of heaven..Read More

  • Benefits Of Olives - Zaitoon
  • Olives are small green or black fruits grown in many parts of world but their use is most extensive in Arab and Middle East, probably because of its religious value..Read More

  • Benefits Of Oranges
  • Oranges are one of the most widely used and eaten fruits worldwide..Read More

  • Benefits Of Plum
  • Plum Benefits: Plum is red or dark brownish red in color with juicy somewhat tart taste, it is of a size of an apricot and may be round or oval in shape, its pulp is whitish creamy in color with inedible seed in center..Read More

  • Benefits Of Pineapple - Ananas Ke Fayde
  • Pineapple Benefits (ananas ke fayde): Pineapples are delicious fruits found throughout year in canned form..Read More

  • Pears Benefits - Nashpati Ke Faide In Urdu
  • Pear Benefits In Urdu: Here you will read pear (nashpati ke faide) benefits in Roman Urdu..Read More

  • Papaya Benefits And Its Types - Papita
  • Papaya Benefits And Its Type: Papita Ke Faide
    There are two types of papaya
    1..Read More

  • Banana Benefits And Its Types - Faide
  • Benefits Of Banana: Bananas are one of the blessings that help you in your health in many ways..Read More

  • Benefits Of Apple
  • In this page, you will read apple benefits in Urdu and read it how its give you better diet..Read More

  • Pomegranate Benefits
  • Pomegranate : Here you will read about Pomegranate (Anara) In Roman Urdu..Read More

  • Fig Benefits
  • Fig Benefits: Here you will read about Fig In Roman Urdu..Read More

  • Dried Dates And Dates Khajur
  • Dried Date Palm : Here you will read about Dried Date Palm In Roman Urdu..Read More

  • Grapes Benefits
  • Grapes : Here you will read about Grapes In Roman Urdu..Read More

  • Walnut Benefits
  • Walnut Benefits : Here you read about Walnut  Benefits In Roman Urdu..Read More

  • Melon Benefits
  • Melon Benefits : Here you will read about Melon Benefits In Roman Urdu..Read More

  • Benefits Of Banana In Urdu
  • Benefits Of Banana : Here you will read about Banana Benefits In roman Urdu..Read More

  • Apricot Benefits In Urdu
  • Apricot Benefits : Here you will read about Apricot Benefits Khubani Ke Faide In Urdu..Read More

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