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Fast Food Advantages And Disadvantages

Fast Food Advanatages And Disadvantages: Fast foods are generally regarded as easily made fried food stuff like French fries, burgers, sandwiches, and rolls. 
Disadvantages Of Fast Food
Advantages Of Fast Food
Why People Eat Fast Food

Table of Content
  • Advatages Of Fast Food
  • Disadvantages Of Fast Food
  • Why People Eat Fast Food
  • Advatages And Disadvantage Of Fast Food In Roman Urdu
  • Fast Food Advantages And Disadvantages In Urdu

    Advatages Of Fast Food

    Fast food is not totally harmful; fast food is good for children and those with increased physical activity because they provide energy instantly, some fast foods like sandwiches contain raw vegetables like tomatoes, cucumber and salad leaf which provide vitamin and minerals. 
    Fast food is easy and quickly made so it is also useful for people who don’t have time for cooking. Fast food can be safe for health if fried in vegetable oils instead of animal oils and margarines obtained from animal source vegetable oils like olive, Corn and sunflower oil contain unsaturated fatty acids which are good for heart, brain and blood vessels. Fast foods are good idea to satisfy your taste buds occasionally but they should not be eaten on regular basis.

    Disadvantages Of Fast Food

    These fast foods are high in calories and fats. Fast food becomes harmful when oil used to prepare them is saturated animal fats, saturated fats increase the chances of high cholesterol levels, blood vessel thickening, high blood pressure and heart diseases, fast food is also harmful for obese and overweight people because they aggravate the condition and increase weight. Fast food are also deficient in fiber, people who are regular eater of fast foods may get digestive problems like constipation, acidity and flatulence. 
    Moreover most fast foods are purchased from outside there is not warranty of the food stuff used and hygienic conditions of kitchens in which they were prepared some times they can cause intestinal infections like diarrhea and vomiting. 
    On the other hand they are expensive; they can imbalance your monthly finances. A more rich healthy meal can be prepared at home with good quantity in same price. 

    Why People Eat Fast Food

    Fast food has become a culture of urban society, there are numerous chains of fast food restaurants worldwide, fast food, and according to one research is the most favorable and widely eaten food in people especially in children and teenage groups. 
    Fast food is tasty, easily available and economical food. People used to eat it because they don’t have enough time to make meals at homes due to busy work schedules or burden of studies. World has now become a global village, people travel a lot for recreation, business and for study purposes, many young adults have to live in foreign countries far way from their homes, in hostels and rented houses for study and for doing jobs, they don’t have their moms, sisters or maids who can cook meals for them so fast food becomes an easy option for them to eat. 
    Other major factor is taste, although health experts describe the health hazards of fast foods like obesity, high cholesterol levels and poor digestive system , but people ignore these facts for sake of taste, no doubt fast foods are more delicious and tastier then the cooked or steamed meals. 
    One major factor is culture, people generally regarded and taken it as fashion and part of life style and it has become a symbol of upper class to eat fast food, in schools and colleges students who use home prepared food are regarded by their friends as pampered
    child and they feel embarrassed if do not eat fast food.

    Advatages And Disadvantage Of Fast Food In Roman Urdu

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